Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015 in Batu Pahat

For Christmas Eve we booked a whole house for our extended family of 20 plus people.

 homestay in Taman Perdana at RM500 per night
My Garden Homestay
lovely landscaped garden with palm trees
abd outdoor dining, most ideal!
I was in my room resting when the kids burst in and the youngest started bouncing on my bed!

so we got dressed and the chiobus (old sexy ladies) started posing every where
the garden provided lovely backdrop
even had a pond and fountain at the driveway
beautiful niece (from beautiful mom, my sis) and beautiful daughter
young family
nieces already had families

party kicked off with assorted cheeses and crackers from Australia

ham from Singapore
and catered party food

 young couple
not so young couple hehe
 young cousins
(off springs of the above couples)
even younger cousins!
 bro and sis

father and son

 cousins and bf

 best part of the evening...presents!

 small boy with oversized presents


 Grandma with grandkids
 bro with kids

party continued with my favourite wine that I could not afford..
Veuve Cliquot

Merry Christmas!!! Hope you have a lovely one like mne!!!

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