Sunday, December 6, 2015

Vocational Visit: Feruni

 For our vocational visit in 2015, we chose Feruni Ceramiche "Discover the World's Latest Tile Trends"
 This is the building in Petaling Jaya...On a weekday, there was a bit of a jam to get there!
 Our President leading the way upstairs
 Looking down we can see some artfully decorated waiting area for guests and visitors and you wouldn't guess that it is after all, a factory-cum-showroom.
 What's this? State of the art gym? A fully equipped home gym seems to be the de rigeur of offices nowadays. Soon what? spa? (yes, it does have a spa and jacuzzi and sauna..) hehe
 We were treated to a local breakfast of nasi lemak and roti canai bought specially for the 6 of us by Gina.
 There was a shelf full of tit bits and snacks with the words "EAT" so I suppose eating for  sustenance  is vital to being productive at work. 
 so we happily tucked in to brekkie and had designer coffee made by in house barista who happened to be auntie, the tea-lady, hahaha!
 CC Ngei himself received us and he posed with us at the photo corner.
 Diminutive and unassuming, his status belies the fact that he completed Form 3 education and taught himself English, (a blight on the education system and to English teachers like me who have failed him lor.) 
 Thanks to technical advance in this day and age, I was only faintly surprised to see ourselves beamed live from a giant screen even while we were still having our first meal of the day.

 See? the screen is festooned on a column at the cafeteria area itself.
 Then we were whisked off to the auditorium for  a briefing on their work culture and vision and mission.
 The man of vision himself, and this is his success story.
 Like Microsoft office, beanbags, lazy chairs and loungers are offered instead of hard backed chairs
 MD himself could not conduct this module and Gidget took over ably

 One aspect of their work culture that they stress a lot on is "Happiness" Every employee strives for happiness and this in turn translates to better work output, I suppose.
 Everywhere there is a coffee corner and sophisticated coffee making machines. Only we were not sophisticated enough to work the machines.
 Where then are the work areas? If you look beyond the bar stools you actually see people at work.
 But then I got distracted by the snacks bar again, how could I not miss it? It covered an entire wall.
 Even the washrooms scream "designer " and one of those drum sinks are sourced from overseas and run into thousands of ringgit.
 Our 3 guys at the Talent Hub.
 10 Core values on the wall to make sure the values are absorbed.

 Now we three aunties are at the Talent Seeking Table.
 Then Francis was surprised to see his particulars flashed on the screen screaming "Welcome"..if we wait patiently, we would able to see our names and designation displayed too.
 Alan is taking a photo of Men at Work.
 They are "Having Fun at Work"
 We are having fun at "Visit"
 Alan loves this picture of himself having the honour of beating the gong, and I had the honour of taking the picture that he likes.
 Viv is peeking into this room, wondering what's inside?
 Black and drab outside, colourful and sunny inside!
 A burst of colours and fun cushions for us to play around with

This is the door of the colourful room!
 Then we went to the Resource Centre.

 And then, only then, did we go round the showroom to view the tiles.

It was nearly 2 when we had lunch (Kenny Roasters), we indeed had a special tour with extended hours and we were glad ours was a small group with the wrong time as the group we were supposed to join were 60 strong!!!

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