Friday, December 4, 2015

Hanoi Lunch

One of our lunch was at this cute restaurant, actually an old colonial building.

 It is on a lower level and you come down a flight of steps....

From the outside you will not know there is a restaurant within!
 see the unassuming facade?

 this is actually waiting in line for the toilet!

 As usual, we have 2 tables as there are 12 of us.

 Vietnamese chicken noodle broth as starters 

 white steamed rice
 mixed salad

 Simmered fish with pork
 Simmered pork with egg

 Tempura prawns
 Vegetable and crab soup
 Thai Chicken curry

 while waiting for the others we explored the garden grounds

 cute figurines added interest to the garden, and the meal? satisfying, as usual we do not like to waste time looking for local food, that is why we like package tour best!!

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