Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Halloween Party 31 October 2015 at Jan's

Now this is a real late post! hahaha! Oh well, better late than never!

I had a wonderful Halloween night, thanks to Jan for the invite, as her themed parties are equal to none!
 The hostess with the mostest, dressed as the red devil with a giant triton
 me in my daughter's blouse and a hat that I bought from IOI Mall for only RM5!
 her sis who is my sis's classmate!
 gosh, her food is always scrumptious, and this lamb or whatever meat is most tempting!!
 I always meet Stephanie and she is now my clubbing kaki, only I haven't made time to go "auntie clubbing" with her yet.
 had to take a pic of ONE of her great desserts
 this is only a section of the dessert table, and only the DESSERT part, I did not take the MAIN FOOD part, hai......! I came late due to the torrential rains!

 with Alice's husband whom I think deserve credit for coming up with his costume that he designed and made himself.
 hahah? like the result?  three thumbs up for creativity.
 sexy Joy, she is so hyperactive she has no time to eat and takes pictures frantically, more than me!
 Kim came as the French Maid...very expensive maid, according to her
 I love the mobiles, made by Jan's daughter
okay lah, another view of the desserts for you

Below are her Halloween decor around the house
and the pictures are from her...not me, because it was dark when I arrived.

And if you are interested, I can show you the other guests' costumes (and THE COSTUMES!!) but that warrant another blog post by itself!!!

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