Tuesday, February 16, 2016

CNY 2016 : Morning of the eve

It was 7 February 2016, the 30th day of the last month of the lunar calendar, they call it "Sam Sat" or simply "30th", and on that morning, to continue the tradition, there is always the morning prayers done at the old house.

My husband took me to Puteri Mart to buy fresh fishballs and the remaining stuff for the steamboat tonight and then we went straight to the old house.
 The maid had already finished cooking everything and Tai Koo had all the altars ready for praying.
 her son nephew had driven her there and he lighted some candles for the altar

 She led the prayers, then we followed suit
 Me. praying at my matrimonial home

 the offerings that are put for praying.

 Vegetarian dishes for my vegetarian grandmother

 The tae zi kong or floor altar

 the kitchen altar

 Meanwhile in the garden..

 josspapers were burnt. A lot of things have been simplified due to Tai Koo's frail condition, and there will be no late night vigil as was observed by my late mil

 So, since I am the dutiful daughter-in-law and the youngest OLD relative, maybe it falls on me and my husband's shoulder to carry on the tradition in the years to come!  Happy CNY 2016!

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