Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pre CNY Party by Jenny

This is Jenny, my first dance teacher after I moved to Puchong. Although I went on to join other classes and had other teachers, I still stuck with her, mainly also because of all the friends that I have made here!
Jenny in front with her selfie stick and all of us kwai kwai at the back!
my friends are from the Tempua Monday class and BK3 Tuesday class, some too, like me are also from another dance teacher class, hehe, we join a lot of classes! Note my hair, still fresh and nice!
To start of our mini party, we had a few dances first!
In face, quite a few! I am hidden, behind Lee Lee!
After dancing, we ate! Look at my hair. all wet and plastered to my face!
Well, at least I had a good workout!

Food was potluck, we brought stuff to share!
Shirley is such a wonderful cook, she cooked for the Tempua class
Vegetarian dish by Shirley
Teacher made jelly and chicken curry.
 Then she gave us angpows and lucky draw hampers

 Lucky winners with her mum.
 more selfie or wefie time, thanks Carol for the selfie works like a dream! These are the girls from the Tempua class.
 And these are from the Tuesday class.
 My Tempua class loved to pose for photos!

 We posed so much, my hand started to shake and tremble! so the result is a blur pic lor....hahaha!
 Then, we had yee sang!!!!! Don't you just love this shot  and our happy faces! 

Bye!!! After this pre-CNY mini party, we can sau gung and prepare for our CNY holiday with our own family!!!

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