Wednesday, February 17, 2016

CNY 2016 : Chinese New Year Eve Steamboat Reunion Dinner

Every year for Chinese New Year Eve we have steamboat as our reunion dinner and this year was no different as we love to keep up the tradition.  And we also like to have it in the old house too.

 When I reached there, the tables had already been set, and we have 2 tables, as usual, though the number of persons have dwindled. 
 Note our antique glasses and bowls!
 this has been our table setting since time immemorial, hehe.
 I quickly took out all the dishes that I had cut and prepared earlier with my husband and maid.
 This year I am hosting, and I have bought all the ingredients 2 days before, and the fishballs right this morning!

 Everything was in duplicate for the 2 tables, and there was too much food which I ta pau-ed for 2nd sis in law and Beng.

  We are now waiting for everyone to arrive!

 So I took closer pics of the food to show you what I had bought: mushrooms, yee mee, prawns fried fish balls, wanton, fish
 chicken breast, foo chok, assorted stuffed fish cakes, tau fu pok
 shelled prawns golden needle mushrooms, shitake mushrooms,, squids and greens.
 finally, the last group arrived!

 Everyone is seated and we pose for photos, the elders are getting older, the young ones more mature and the younger ones shooting up fast. 
 17 of us who are in Kuala Lumpur, the overseas one could not make it this year.

 close up of the KL people

 Food is bubbling and ready to be served

 but first, pcitures have to be taken first for the relatives overseas to view!

 Loving bro and sis in law
 Loving me and my husband, 
we will be the thread that continues the tradition
 and be the ties that bind.

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