Sunday, February 28, 2016

CNY 2016 fish head Assam pedas breakfast

Our breakfast was fish head Assam pedas... Deliciously good! Shop is opposite this decrepit building 
Very good and brisk business by the time we reached there 
We had to wait for a long time to be seated!!
Despite the bustling scene and people busy serving food I went round snapping photos and getting in their way! 
Wow!! Big pots and vats of Assam pedas gravy!! With yummy pieces of fish floating inside! 
Mak cik kept on bringing out basins of fish and she chided me for hindering her... "Apa ambil gambar je...."
Refills of Assam pedas gravy!
The other dishes we had apart from the fish head. 

This is the name of th shop: Rasa Idaman Asli which translates to " the ideal original taste " Do give it a try ! Most satisfying Assam pedas fish head brunch that tide is over our long ride home back to Kuala Lumpur! 

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