Monday, February 22, 2016

CNY 2016 Visiting Relatives and Praying at Temple.

After the exchange of ang pows at Taman Midah, we were off to visit our relatives.

This is the only house we visited this year, as the rest have gone off our list for this year due to the passing of some uncles and some aunties went overseas.....
happy smiles of our beloved relatives (young and old!!)

giving ang pows to the adorable girls.!
 receiving ang pows from 4th Uncle

the house is so huge and lovely, we took some shots
this is the corner under the stairs
it has many rooms too and beautifully decorated corners
this is the AV room
this is the formal sitting room
 posing with 5th Aunt and the daughter in law
and saying goodbye...we are going to the temple now.
Seeing us off at the doorstep of her wonderful house.
on reaching the temple, she takes this customary picture to guage how big she has grown!
She visits this lion once a year! every CNY!

 then we get back to Midah for our lunch

 Yummy!!! Vegetaran lunch made from the vegetarian offerings that were prayed to grandmother!

Happy Chinese Monkey year!!!
With no more visits, having prayed and had our lunch, 
we are now on a road trip to Batu Pahat
my little hometown!!!!

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