Thursday, February 11, 2016

Linda's Sau Gong Party 29 Jan 2016

Before I start the onslaught of CNY posts I want to highlight Linda's Sau gong party!  Sau gong means to wrap up the year's work and go on a hiatus for CNY celebrations, then continue work after the Lunar New Year.
So it was ... we had a grand Sau Gong Party at Hee Lai Ton on 29 January 2016 where we all dressed to the 9s, ate,danced and had a blast to sau gong, except that it was not from "gong"
or work, but dance classes, hehe!
 Linda surrounded by some of her students (there are more!) after we gave her a hamper to show our appreciation.

 Out teacher looking radiant and beautiful in her profile pic.
 Dressed elegantly, the type of gown I would like to wear as a "mother-in-law" hehehe..if only I had her figure and height.
see? we are goofing around with selfies, dressed in red and eating tangerines, abundant during this season.
 We always have lots of fun taking pictures
and selfies in between food
and mock molest!
Linda's change of costume
with the students who gave a surprise performance for her
So, sau gong is also good excuse for a party, no?

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