Monday, February 22, 2016

CNY 2016 Batu Pahat!

From this house....

 to this house in a matter of hours!!
 the most inquisitive dog you can ever imagine
 the most beautiful indoor and outdoor garden you can ever find

 the dog, again!!!!
 while we were snacking on the cookies, the dog snuck under my hands hoping to catch some crumbs!

It even jumped on me and licked me all over but it was not caught on tape or photo!

 Then we went to bro's house for dinner
 the boys...waiting for din din

 the big bro, hahaha.... the big boss!
 the vain pot!!!! cooking the abalone her future son in law brought for us

 the drinks and chips
 lawyer in the making

 the cat he brings to his college and stays with him in his hostel
 catching up!
 the youngest girl in the family.

 Dinner is served!!!

 cooked by the maids!!

 there is so much food she has to stand on the chair to capture the whole table's food!
 beef rendang, yummy
 har lok
 tau yu bak/chicken (pork free)
 fried chicken wings
 sausages and fish cake
 steamed fish
 ku lou yoke
 veg salad
 hahahaha...rice also need to take a picture!

 All seated and ready to eat!!! Dinner for my side of the family!!
 I must take photo of every cousin and youngster for comparison in the years to come...

this one is us, with the gorgeous food in front of us!


stuffed beancurd!
 have you got it on your camera? Send it to Brandon to show him what he has sent us....
 nephew with his awesome hairdo

 bro with his shaved cut
 niece with her never ending photos, second only to me, hehehe!
Huat ah!!!!

May the Huat be with you!
Yeah, we are going to play with, not light saber,
 but fireworks after dinner, only in Batu Pahat!

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