Friday, February 19, 2016

CNY 2016 chor yat morning

It is chor yat, or the first day of the CNY morning, we are going to pai nian
or "pray Year"!!

First, we take a shot of ourselves at our front porch
 then we reach the front porch of our matrimonial house
 they are all waiting!
 Yin takes photos

 kids are grown, aunties have grown ..well...wiser...
 she used to be one of the youngest but she is in college now
 and they are  college kids too, sophomore and senior year
grandma with her daughter in law and grandaughters
 Yin asks me to take this pic because she says they all all in red
 morning offer tradition, after praying, we will have the longan drink for breakfast

 father and son
 Tai Koo in her 80s now
 2nd sis in law in her 70s
they are bringing out the longans for us to taste

 Beng takes photos because he is awed that we  keep to tradition

 yummy, taken ice cold
enjoying a bowl of tong sui and catching up with news for the year
 these girls are waiting for next thing on the agenda....which is.....
exchanging and receiving ang pow time!!!
Picture is Tissue, Felicia's cat!
(to be continued)

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