Thursday, March 24, 2016

Melbourne 2016 : Boat Paddling and Black Swan

My daughter takes up boat paddling so we went to watch her.

 This is the place..I forgot the name!!! Will post here when I is in town.
 We were late so her boat has left..but we waited for her to come paddling by again

 It is next to this library

 hahaha! we are so patient!

 There!! we could see other teams paddling their boat.
 Then we got a treat!!!! Black Swans!! we couldn't see any in Perth, but here they are swimming towards us
 Alas, we have no bread or crumbs for them!!
 so we took lots of photos!!

So nice and tame!!
 Then Sue's boat came!! I love to see them paddling in tandem and so in sync..
 They are so disciplined, they work on cue, they do not sabotage each other, they cooperate with each other as everyone's well being depends on you!
 You can see how attentive, committed, and serious  they ate to the intensive training and orders.
 Meanwhile we enjoyed the view and we could see the bridge of the city of  Melbourne from here.
And the majestic well equipped library is the backdrop and our landmark to find this place.

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