Friday, March 18, 2016

Melbourne 2016 ..Home Cooked Dinner!

 We had a home cooked dinner for relatives and what fun we had cooking!
ta da!!!! we only posed lah! Sue came and popped them all in the oven!

 Carol cooked mushroom pasta, Irene cooked egg and bacon pasta
 Millie the artistic one made the cheese platter

 and decorated the fruits plate too
while having fun too!
 we did not manage to cook and serve this as there was too much food already

These 2 sisters photobombed the real cook/chef!

See, she is the real chef! she threaded all the meat
 and marinated the salmon with herbs from the garden
 herbed fish
 she was roped in the shell the peas but she said it was child labour and amounted to child abuse

 so he took over and finished shelling the whole lot

 waiting for the guests to arrive!
they brought more food!! more pasta and cold prawns!

our guests!
 auntie and niece (my daughter)
 mother and son
hahaha!!!! we took photos more than we ate!!!!

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