Saturday, March 26, 2016

Melbourne 2016 - Captain Cook's Cottage

 Right in the middle of Fitzroy Gardens stands Captain Cook's house.
Now, the unique thing about this house is that it is not a replica of the actual house, but the ACTUAL house itself, transported brick by brick all the way from England, 
and reassembled here!

 2016 couple in front of the cottage.  You need to pay a nominal fee to enter.

 once you enter, you can dress up in the era of Captain cool is that?
 looks so authentic in front of the cottage!

 Soon, my sister and me cottoned on the idea and wanted a piece of the action too. We got concession entry tickets because she is an Australian citizen while I am "ahem" a SENIOR citizen!!!! so we got quite a good discount, and all the better too, because it was close to closing time, and we had only limited time to play dress-up!
Meanwhile, these two hammed it up like real medieval man and wife!

 soon, we got dressed and started the posing! We always pose here, because the photographer, my hubby did not buy any ticket to go in and had to take pics of us from over the fence LOL!

 We did some playacting, like sweeping, acting all domesticated and docile!

She looked like a maid, I looked like a maid too, so, we decided to change clothes to look like "husseys" if you know what that means, I don't,
 I loved her look and clothes, so I made her take them off to out them on myself, hehehe!!!

 See? do I look better now? I hope so! I acted like a gangster, and yanked her clothes all off!!
Hmmmm.......three sisters now look like three sister damsels!
These youngsters! While we oldies went into Cook's Cottage to soak in a bit of history , even immersed ourselves in that era by wearing period clothes, but what did these young punks do?
They soaked in the sun instead!!! And lazed their bums off!!!
What, come all the way to Melbourne to lie on the grass? 

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