Saturday, March 12, 2016

Melbourne 26Feb-4March2016 : Wonderful House

We made another trip to Melbourne due to free flights but instead we go cheap flights to Melbourne so it was next best.  It was so cheap we got 5 more people to go with us.....they have not been to Melbourne before!

 From KLIA 2 to Melbourne! at 1  am in the morning, local time

 The 7 of us....we are so excited!!!
This is the titular wonderful house
come, I will give you a conducted tour
 as you enter the house which has a sophisticated lock system, you will find this cute inviting chair where you can put on or kick off your heels

 right next to the door is the master bedroom
 this bay window lets the owner see directly who is coming as it faces the front gate (err there is no gate!) so he will not be caught by surprise by anyone.
 Let's see what is beyond this door
 It is a  state-of-the-art walk-in wardrobe where the lady of the house can access any article of clothing she wants with just a scan of the eye.
 This is the bathroom where everything is put away in ample cupboards and hidden shelves, so there is no clutter in sight
 glass door showers are in vogue and I drape myself on the door, because my figure is too saggy to be seen at any stage.
 Mamma Mia! this house has two lounges, and  this must be the "official" one
Inviting and tasteful... My sister says they measure every space and get furniture that suits every purpose 
 It also has two dining halls and this must be the family one, because it is near the kitchen
 Sue at the kitchen sink...when you are  washing up, you can see the children frolicking in the pool and the family watching TV

This is the formal dining room

and faces a wall clock that works.

 This is the first sitting room
 Now come with me as I bring you to the second one
 there, the family lounge where you can watch TV, note the big gap in the wall where I told you when you are doing the dishes, you can also watch whatever they are watching here, and they were watching "Titanic"bathe night I helped to clean the stove. 
 Family friendly sitting room with the wall mounted TV
 this sitting room is next to the backyard which contains the swimming pool
 see, spacious and well laid out.... my ideal house!
al fresco dining area!  We will be having our family dinner here tonight, and we will have company over to join us!

Such a nice place for posing!

 the laundry  and garbage area but it still looks beautiful!

 the smaller outdoor dining area where I could have a cuppa with my daughter

 such a nice lay out, you can have your outdoor dining and have the pool as a backdrop! Like in the magazines!

 In the kitchen they can see us and we, them!

 Now, I will take you upstairs
 the power point and presentation area at the landing, for children to do their homework and work on their projects.
 the computer work station
 Ellie's room!
 artsy and cutesy, she is after all, only 16!
 Ryan's room!

 Laeti's room!

 Now we go downstairs again and I show you the rest of the 7 rooms this hous have!
 First guest room...

 Laundry room
 Second guest room

 Store room

 After showing you all the rooms, I am so tired!!! I told you it is a wonderful house and huge!! hehe!

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