Friday, March 18, 2016

Melbourne Pitchingga Ridge Alpaca farm

Have you ever seen a live alpaca? We havent't!!! Some of us have not even heard of alpacas!!
 My sister rang up Pitchingga Ridge Alpaca Farm and made an appointment for us to make a visit.  David and his wife recieved us.

 From far we saw a man leading the all black alpaca and we got all excited!!

 And we got up close and personal with was tame, domesticated and very very CUTE!!!!
 Look how calm and cool they are! They are very used to humans and visitors!
 David showed me the ropes and taught me how to handle one, and I was supposed to walk it like a dog!
 hahaha!!! It was calmer than me! It could be walking me and not me, him!

 Sue who loves animals, wlaked the alpaca like she walks one every evening, she was a pro!!!

 Then more alpacas came running to us...they wanted to feed!
 OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!! cuteness overload!

 White alpaca besides the black ones.  Alpacas from Peru are brown and brown speckled.

 We went to the gift shop and were shown alpaca merchandise
 Carol fell in love with the alpaca fur throw.

 us, too!!! ultra soft, fluff free and light as a feather!! Carol bought it!  It is now part of the sitting room decor and fully utilised by the kids.

 The farm house is huge and hospitable, absolutely comfortable!

We were so glad Carol brought us to this alpaca farm for a unique experience!

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