Saturday, March 5, 2016

Melbourne: Kentro Greek Restaurant at Oakleigh

After the boat paddling session at Docklands daughter took us for a quick Greek meal at Oakleigh.  The place was bustling, noisy, crowded and looked very happening! People were dining, drinking and hanging out ... The after work crowd? And well, they looked Greek to me ! We parked at a rather dark, quiet spot and I was wondering where the restaurants were.  Then, as we crossed the road, we were surprised to find such bustling, lively, animated dinner crowds occupying almost all the benches and tables available! We could hardly find a seat!

We chose this place after making our way past the crowds because it looked inviting and seemed like it will provide us with good Greek fare... Which it did! 

This part of Kentro is quite packed...most were just drinking and chatting and we settled in a quiet, uncrowded corner.

You can see the word "Kentro" lit up

Service was brisk and quick, with surprisingly attentive staff even with the crowd.

We had an Angus Burger (18.95 AUD) Delicious, carefully selected, juicy, tender cuts of 100% Angus beef sourced from Canadian farms. Top that with a smoky Angus sauce, hickory smoked bacon pieces, and served on a  bun
Juicy beef patty between thick buns and chunky curly or rather wavy fries 
Moussaka with salad... Yummy eaten piping hot! (19.95)
a Greek dish.,moussaka includes sliced eggplant baked in a ground beef sauce and then smothered in a thin sauce)
It was my first time tasting moussaka and I must say I enjoyed digging into the steaming hot mound striking ground beef and eggplant alternatively and we picked at the salad while catching up on mom, dad and daughter news.

We shared these among the three of us and it was most satisfying!!

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