Sunday, March 13, 2016

Melbourne 26 Feb-4 March2016 : Pie in the sky

Caroline took us to Pie in The Sky on 27 February 2016 because she wanted Irene to have a comparison of the pies in Melbourne as opposed to those back home in Malaysia. 

Pie in The Sky
43-45 Olinda - Monbulk Rd, Olinda 3788
 The place is housed in a wooden structure with stilts (like Malaysian kampung house and has a verandah too.
It urges us to Taste The Difference and to try their Gold Medal Pies!
This is behind the counter

and the glass display shelf of goodies

Creamy chicken and mushroom pies starting from Aud5.50
our hungry pie-face group waiting to be seated
Seating was fast and fuss-free, we needed two tables though!

Literally studying the menu!
Service was quick!!!
I like hot and spicy food so I had a
Beef Curry

Gold medal 2001 & 2003. The base of this pie is prepared in the traditional Indian technique. First the spices are cooked to release the flavour and then added to the diced meat and cooked to perfection. Rice and diced tomatoes are then added.
Below: Millie had a meat pie..
Aussie Meat Pie

Gold medal winners 2001 & 2003, silver medal 2000. This flagship pie has a beautiful mix of lean fresh beef mince and aromatic herbs and spices.
.Caroline had a Beef Guinness
Chunky beef, cooked in Irish stout with herbs and diced baked potato.

Verdict of the pies? Brandon liked the creamy pies, Caroline liked alcohol infused ones, Irene likes cheese minced meat. We also had the gold medal pies.
We did justice to the pies!!!

meat pie special : $14.40

gourmet pie chips $11.40
Our damage came to AUD 112.60
The Meat Pie special costs $14.40, Gourmet Pie were $11.40 with chips and gourmet pies were $6.90 while meat pies were $6.40.

Outside, she went to the verandah and took pics of the Pie in the Sky.
The first time I heard of this name from my daughter, I had a notion of a restaurant in the sky and this came quite close?

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