Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Melbourne 2016 : Romantic Dinner

 We had a home cooked dinner cum potluck and it turned our to be a romantic dinner for the couples of the night!

 cold prawns brought by Tun and fish cooked by Irene.
 Ready to eat!
 Su said, "we are going to have a candlelight dinner tonight, Carol"
 So Su and Chen held hands across the table...awww, so sweet for such a vintage couple

 This is the other vintage!!! hehehe...we look old but gold!
 A young couple, both so good looking! and loving!

 The youngest couple!!! Hope they have many years to go!!!

 The couples in action, minus me, I must have been the Taker or shooter of the photo
 our nice company for the night
the kids table!

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