Sunday, March 1, 2015

Night of CNY (大)年初一) or ninchoryat

Normally on first night of CNY
 "the first day of the (great) year" (Chinese: (大)年初一; pinyin: (Dà) Nián Chūyī)
 we have a homecooked dinner 
with all the prayer pak cham kai and pomfrets and siu yoke.
But this year we went to WONG SENG HIN Seafood Restaurant instead
me in front of Wong Seng Hin
pic taken by my nephew Beng

    1. Map of Wong Seng Hin Seafood Restaurant
  1. Wong Seng Hin Seafood Restaurant
  2. Restaurant
  3. Address: Jalan SS 22/25, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
 The most funny thing about this restaurant is the SHIFTS: 5.00, 6.00 , 7.00. 8.00 and so on....
It being the "ninchoryat" or first night of the lunar new year, all the shifts were fully booked so we had the 5 oclock one!!!!! 
Dinner at 5! hahahah!
 We rushed there and made it in the nick of time....minus Ken......we could not wait for him anymore
 Everybody was there!!! Waiting for us!!!! They had the unfair advantage, though, they stayed in the vicinity, while we came from Puchong...
 dinner is about to start...right on the dot! 

 The other table (the kids)

 first on the menu is the ever popular yee sang, over-rated and over priced too are supposed to toss it up while chanting all those lucky words that will bide you the entire year to come
 I am not tossing, I am posing for the camera! I was like "Emelda, take my pic!"

 All are having fun, and shouting something like "HUAT AH !! HUAT AH!"

 The kids table, they are doing fine...I noticed a space in the centre

 So I came in so I could be in the picture too..hehehe

 I took over the camera from Emelda so that she and Yani can huat ah! while I take her pic. My photo is brighter and more colourful right?
 Now I show you all our dishes, which came one after another, because, like I told you, we had to eat within the allocated time!
 tauhu with chai poh toppings

 steamed yellow herbed chicken

 Uncle Yam takes pics to send to his son in the US
 hmmm yummy, juicy and succulent

 fish coated in ....????
 butter mantis prawns
 so many dishes, and more to come
 vegetarian with fuchok

 Assam fish
 taufu, fish, chicken, prawns, vegetables, 
now we are eating very fast hehe 

 Ken joined us, he made it!
 fried rice

 some of the dishes

 they were on the wall, and all you have to do is point to order the dishes....
At 6.30 we had already finished dinner!!!!!
the picture below says: ta nian choo yit
 "the first day of the (great) year" (Chinese: (大)年初一; pinyin: (Dà) Nián Chūyī)
which means "first day of lunar new year" in Mandarin
"ninchoryat" is in Cantonese
yit loo soon fong(一帆风顺)
means everything plain sailing for you for the new year...

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