Friday, April 1, 2016

Scholarship Award Ceremony

I did not get any award nor did I get any scholarship, 
but I loved to pose with the slip of paper
..wished it was mine though!!

It's hers...she went for an interview and aced it.

That's her, and the wonderful girl got some scholarship to defray the year's course fees, not much but at least it was a start! 
 So did Darryl, from my ex-boy's school 

And his twin brother, Darren (below)
So did Jessica!
 Of course we need to have our picture taken!
 this is the 4th floor (roof top) garden 
just outside the event hall!

big girls now...going on 18
 having some light refreshments after the ceremony
 before the ceremony, armed with my selfie stick, I staked out Jessica and my daughter to take photos
 with the award winners...
 well, I am a retiree, so I am very free to come for the award ceremony on a Wednesday afternoon when all other parents are at work!

this is the backdrop on the stage
I grabbed a seat right in front of the stage to get a vantage point for taking photos of my daughter and my students!!
Hmmm...waiting for the ceremony to start..
Like my Jessica Simpson's heels?
I do!! heheheheh!

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