Tuesday, May 24, 2016

9888 Midah Dinner for Uncle S 21 May 2016

It's May again and time for preliminary meeting before the AGM so as usual, we had Uncle S as a house guest and he gave the extended family a lovely dinner at 9888 Restaurant Taman Midah.

 The extended family's girls (Kheng and Siew) brought two lovely cakes from Padi Cake House, the above being a unique cake with green "wings" mandarin orange and realistic looking wooden spoon.

 The other cake with choc shavings and cherries

 This restaurant has 3 floors and was very crowded that Saturday night  maybe because it was also Wesak Day

 My two favourite girls, Andrea and Amelie, so well behaved and so pretty!
These are some of the food we had:
 signature tofu
 lettuce for wrapping the stuff below:
eggs with minced meat and sharks fin

what my lo kong (husband) wrapped for me hehe
 claypot wai san and assorted mushrooms
 smoked chicken

 crispy golden salted egg yolk pumpkin

BBQ pork neck
assam fish in lotus leaf 

And I have to end this post with a 
touching tableau of brotherly and sisterly care and concern.

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