Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016 Go Noodles House at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.

for Mother's Day we decided impulsively to go for dinner and son chose Go Noodle House as he had been there and there were rave reviews.
It started to rain as we got ready to go, and as usual, when it rains it pours in KL.
We literally had to go through sleet, hail, rain, thunderstorm FLOODs so high cars stalled and many feared going through the flood waters, and of of course, JAM!!!!
 When we finally reached there, there was a QUEUE, just as son had feared!!!

 All tables, inside and outside were full!!! and it was already 8.30 pm.
 Everyone was patiently waiting, they are standing not in line, because they were given numbers.
 It was so popular, it had spilled to the shoplot opposite.

 Nothing to do, so we posed for photos....look at the dinner crowd behind us.

 So Chinatown looking, right
 It purports to be homemade noodles originating from a province in China,

 I want to show you the people enjoying their noodles.

 the story behind the noodles, if you care to read.

 Meanwhile, son is still queueing up for us, I tell  you I really do appreciate his driving us in the rain and jam and flood and now waiting in the queue, just to let us taste this "famous" noodles.

 there these rows of bottles of wine on the wall, and on further examination, they had names on them

 but I did not query further what and how these things work.

 The boss, taking orders and supervising tables

 At last!!! we got our table!

 So happy!

 Prawn plain superior soup for dad

  Spicy pork belly with extra meatballs and extra grouper slices!

 Bursting meatball spicy soup..mine
 pan meen soup

 Yummy!!! Filling!!!

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