Thursday, May 5, 2016

Lunch at Zi Yean, Tea at TCC: Post Reunion

After the grand High School Reunion, GS organised a meet-up the day after for more meet-ups : Lunch at Zi Yean followed by coffee at TCC for those who are still in Singapore.  Some have already flown back (the busy ones who are still working: CMoi and WHong)

It's so incredibly easy to get around in Spore...they have a good network of MRT and to get to Redhill where the restaurant is, we just take the coach with clear instructions from GS!!!

He even tells us how many stations we will pass and how many minutes the journey should take!  Wish KL was like that! We do not need to drive and jam up all the roads!!!

And so, PHa dropped us off at Pioneer station and 
 LChoo and I met BEng at the designated stop, and voila! Dee appeared as agreed and she pushed my trolley like it was a weightless bag on wheels!!  That is her wonderful posh condo, (Ascentia Skyand within minutes, GS was in his car waiting to whisk us off for lunch!

 GS in his car, LChoo is in yellow, and Dee is pushing my new Travelpro!
 Zi Yean means "Natural" in Cantonese and  "ze ran"  in Mandarin  自然
 So this is our lovely lunch and our lunch crowd of Malaysian and Singaporean High School students with the exception of BEng, who is a Convent girl.  Sorry no pics of food, too busy eating! 
 Then we adjourned to TCC 
which stands for 
The Connoisseur Concerto 
or The Coffee Connoisseur
 or Tantalising Caffeine Concoctions
 or Trusty Choice Companion 
or Tie Coat Casual 
or Total complete contentment 
or Trademark classic coffee 
or The Cuppas Cuppa!!!! 
 This is my sinful dessert with my cup of Java coffee, which SMeng ordered for me
 we spent lots of time catching up over our cuppas

 8 classmates and 2 spouses!!!

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