Sunday, May 29, 2016

jambu air harvest

This is my jambu air tree in my garden.  It is laden with juicy red jambu air fruits  that are ripe for the picking!
They are all wrapped in plastic in clusters of 3 or 4 to keep out pests like worms, bees, birds and of course the resident tupai or squirrel that drops in every once in a while!
You can imagine how much work it involves! You have to climb up the ladder, put in place the plastic bag round the little fruitlings, staple them and hope the fruits have enough space to ripen and grow in it!

 I unwrapped the plastic to show you how it looks like hanging from the tree!

 wow!!!! beautiful and luscious and red and inviting and not a piercing or hole or flaw in them!!!
 This is how the fruits will look like if you protect them from assorted pests and the elements like sun that shrivel them or rain that smashes them or worms that bore into them or squirrels that bite into them.
 Perfect right? Untainted and unsullied.

 This is me, balancing on a stool, manoeuvring my camera phone and trying to get my best angle, I mean, the fruits' best angle!

 Then I had a naughty idea, take the fruit pics from a view that makes them look obscenely huge! heheheh!!!

 Anyway, I plucked a lot of them, to give to my friends.

 hmmmm, red and large and sweet and juicy!!!

 A whole basket full!!!
by the way a google search reveals that this fruit is known by its common names as "WATER APPLE, ROSE APPLE, JAMBU AIR, BELL FRUIT "
and the scientific is "Syzygium aqueum or Syzygium samarangense"  either way it is unpronounceable and so difficult to remember!!! so I will stick to jambu air!

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