Sunday, May 8, 2016

Breakfast on 1st May 2016 Labour Day

After our Reunion, I woke up and it was Labour Day.
I pushed my luggage out of my room and came out for breakfast
 you can hear people playing soccer here at the field, Pik H's home is so strategic, there is a vast public soccer field and a monorail track overhead.
With steps going down to a fenced up partition to divide her property, you do not feel isolated, you can watch the public play ball at the padang.

 soon, the other guests are up, and Pik H is ready to join us for breakfast
 we pose for photos here and there at her lovely home, this her beautiful and functional backyard
 It is so big you can have a koi pond, mini fountains, a wet kitchen, maid's room and my room for the night.

 her husband explains how he maintains the place and keep his fishes big and happy

 To maximise space a platform is built on top of it and it can hold 3 or 4 tables, last night we had our party here.
 my room facing the wet kitchen and maid's room and dry kitchen (Malaysians and Singaporeans are fond of wet and dry kitchens!)

 At last, Chee M emerges from the room, she was my roomate last night
 so, now we can have breakfast, and what a spread!! It was yummy!

 Fancy eating with fishes underfoot! It was a novelty!

 A real terrapin!

 The neighbour opposite
 Pk H's house: 2 storeys in front, 3 storeys behind!

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