Saturday, May 7, 2016

High School Reunion in Singapore

 At the spur of the moment, we decided to have another reunion as the last one was quite some time ago, at the same venue. Below are some of the people at the reunion: a mix of HSBP, CHIJ, Kluang and Yong Peng boys and girls, or rather, men and women as we are now in our golden years!!!!
For those who are not in the picture above: please see below, these are the ones seated at the other table.
 A total of 24 of us including 3 Convent girls and 3 spouses/ partner.

This is my room for the night, at Yunnan Crescent. 

Pik H catered for 30, she also hosted us a few years ago

 We sat on top of the koi pond, such a resort like place with an exotic feel.
 Food was excellent too: fried mee (my favourite: I had three helpings!) chicken curry
 fish, mixed vegetables
 prawns and satay
 beef and chicken
 kong bak with mantou

 or nee (yam pudding) for dessert (my father in law's favourite)

 at the height of the party
Lucky Thian H surrounded by all the convent girls, (except Lee Nar) hahaha, I don't know how we managed to gather for this photo

 the wonderful koi pond
the tempered and double layer reinforced glass that supported us as we partied
See? how nice we all look?
 some of the other guests not in the above picture
 the host with Dr Lee

Gee with Pik H, the hostess....
Gee is the able organiser (he planned and orchestrated the whole thing just like that, at the drop of the hat)and the generous hostess who never hesitated to offer her place as the venue and provided food and accommodation for us too!
We will be having another reunion soon!! we are the diehards!!!

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