Sunday, May 22, 2016

Back To School 13 May 2016

As a prelude to District Conference 2016 from May 14 to 15, 2016 we had a buffet party themed "Back To School" hahaha!!! so I went and dug up all my kids' school uniforms and ties and found only one that fit me: son's Cantona 7 white shirt with his name tag and school badge still sewn on and my first daughter's school tie!
Promotional poster for fellowship nite on 13 May 2016: above
Below: Poster for events from 13 May to 15 May 2016

 Dr Ken said that he is also wearing his "Ken" shirt and I am wearing "Ken's " shirt too, so we took photos together.

 Dr Ooi is wearing his old Chinese High School uniform! So awesome, with chinese name of school and badge too!
 Tiffany bought a primary navy blue uniform and Rina wore her daughter's prefect suit!
Tiffany the primary school kid hahaha!
 She went and bought a new suit of secondary turqoise uniform for the occasion!
 All of us look like from the same school...Sekolah Menengah RCPC heheheh!
 Look at this guy....
Ta dah!!! he is wearing his daughter's school uniform!!!!
 Incoming AG, Incoming President, Immediate Past President and me..ongoing selfie stick holder!!

 Viv has two pig tails for the fresh school girl look

 ice cream bike just like school days, (you can find him outside the fence and where kids  snuck out to buy ice cream to tide over the wait for parents to fetch them home)
 Me and Jenny at registration desk enjoying a drink on a break!
 people busy getting food, we busy getting selfie or wefie shots!

AAAARGGHHH Are they really coming back to school?

bye !!!!!! We are happy school kids all over again!

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