Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lydia's Retirement

On 15 May 2016 I attended my good friend and ex colleague's retirement.
This is what she said:
Mrs Tay (my awesome PK Petang from Convent Peel Road), my ex boss always calm and steady, my dearest friend, you kept to your word and became my photographer for the day. (though I half meant it, haha...) your photos let me see many angles which I havemissed on that day. I am grateful and honoured to have you present on my historic moment. You made a great photographer!!! But more so, you took the effort and time to bond with me, to lend support and shower me with your kindness. I will treasure it always.... how not to when I have a whole album created by you.
This is my friend.
and this is the schedule: it starts at 7.20 and ends at 9.20 a.m. 

 I am glad I came because though she invited so many of her friends to come for her retirement ceremony, only I could make it as I was also retired and very free. Here I am, together with her 2 sons, Jane, her headmistress and PK1.

 I got up at 5.30 a,m. to reach the school early and this was her send off car in front of the school gate.
 So I made her pose in front of it

 Then we hopped in to be chauffeured in the school compound!!! I was so excited my hand shook holding the selfie stick so this picture is not too sharp!! Soon she was seated at her VIP seat.

 Her 2nd son taking pictures of her.

 Students at the assembly.  I have not attended a school assembly for 2 years and the boys I see on Facebook are already adults, some working, most graduated, and a few even married.  So these Form 5 boys look very very young and small to me!!!

 This is where the announcer makes her introduction and speeches!!

 Suddenly she caught sight of her first son and his friend, both of them came all the way from Melbourne to be present for her ceremony, and this sight made her open a floodgate of emotions and she choked with tears while making her touching, right?
 Hugging her first son
Her second son.
 Me lor...

 Her 2 sons, I have seen them grown from kids to adults. David hadn't even started school when I first knew his mom!

 Among her many gifts she also received a gold bangle.
 Her other guests : Jayne and her ex PK 1.

There were quite a few performances like these girls who sang for her.
 Teachers came to give her farewell gifts.

 Then she had a cake cutting ceremony because it is also her birthday.
 We all witnessed it.

 David giving her a bite of cake.
 Jonathan gave her the biggest slice!
 She was overjoyed!

 Then she began her walk down the red carpet!

 To her send-off car.

 Enroute teachers and students wanted to take photos with her.

 hahaha!!! I love this shot!


But wait!! The car is coming back!!!
 After her joyride she is driven back for a farewell lunch.

 Looks so grand, like a banquet!

 Thank you my dear for creating this memorable album, my awesome, coolest, calmest and most steady boss (my ex Afternoon Supervisor -PK Petang of Convent Peel Road) Though we have both moved on to different schools, myself to SMK Datok Lokman and you to a few more other schools. I am sure you have touched the lives of many colleagues and students in the schools you were posted before you retire. You have touched mine, too. 
Thank you, Loo M K... I am privileged to have served under you. (you were a wonderful Boss) Now I have also joined you as golden girls.....(from Pn Lydia)

Happy Retirement!!!

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