Wednesday, July 13, 2016

B Hah's Lunch for K Hoon and us at Village Roast Duck.

K Hoon/Joanne is back in town again after her short holiday in Sydney and Melbourne, and this time, our long lost friend whom a lot of us have not seen, (me included. although we teach and retire at the same time in the same town) efficiently organised a get together for the 6 of us. She is Bee Hah or Madeline our classmate who was always top of the class.

She is an ex headmistress and quite capable of getting things done!  She whatsapped us, chose the date, time, venue, picked up Joanne and whisked her off to Village Duck where she had already booked for 6. She even picked up the tab!.
 Village Roast Duck proved to be a popular and a well-known place for duck and other delicious Chinese meats....and this one in Bangsar Village 2 is only one of its many branches.

It is famous for its duck of course, char siew and siew yoke.
So here I am at the entrance to Village Roast Duck although the scars to my face had not healed (no I did not go for plastic surgery...when my eyes are normal again, I will reveal my secrets hehe)
Lots of roasted ducks hanging visibly from the glass paned window, a sight guaranteed to make you salivate.
 Chee Moi,(Cynthia)  Kwee Hoon (Joanne)  and hostess Bee Hah (Madeline) excitedly greets each other.  I had already met  Kwee Hoon with Lee Choo last month.
Chew Lian arrived so I take a selfie first.
Ann Peng(Valerie) arrives!!! they have not seen each other for 43 years!!!
So, we take another pic with Valerie inside.  We are now 6. 
Lunch is served: mixed vegetables
 Titular Roast Duck: crackling skin, succulent meat, well deserved of the name of the shop!

Gosh I love this: char siew that melts in my mouth (I had so many pieces!) and siew yoke with skin that is crispy and crunchy!!!
Blanced kai lan
 signature tofu
so yummy, yummy, our lunch today!

 Picture with food
 catching up with food
 We cannot believe we took so long to get together for lunch!!! More than 40 years!!! 
 We feel 17! Like we just left form 5!
All of us are mothers of 30 plus year old to 18 year old kids!!
2 are already grandparents.
So, we are so glad to meet, wish we do not have to wait so many years (we definitely do not have 40 more years to wait!!!)

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