Friday, July 15, 2016

Paramesh's Handover Dinner

As with tradition, the outgoing President will throw a farewell dinner to "handover" to the new president.
It was held at this place called d'Tandoor
As I went up the private upper floor for our function, I peeked and saw all these chaffing dishes ready for our dinner
dishes like Palak Panner...err sounds new to is the food below:

Samosa, Sheesh Kebab and Malai Tikka

Fitting decor for d'Tandoor

Fish curry and Tandoory chicken
This is our menu, specially for us.
with sizzling Tiger Prawns!

Photo shoot for the new session

Me and the President

I want to show you all the people present

Rina as usual baked a cake for the 2 birthday babies in June 

Event ended with a speech from outgoing president.

Welcome incoming President!!!
 Time for a female President ( like Prime Minister May of England!)

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