Sunday, July 3, 2016

Buka Puasa with SMK Permaisuri Teachers

My last 3 years before I retired was spent in "Queen" School where I taught Form 6.
These are some of the Form 6 teachers I hung out with everyday. Now Pn Saadiah (in front) and Pn Aslinin (in grey check) are transfering to another of my ex-school, MBS, so I made it a point to join their "majlis buka puasa ".  Also this will be the last year form 6 will be taught here as there will be no more intake next year....all Form sixes would be moved to special selected schools.

I took this picture from Azmy (he is in batik, he is not a form 6 teacher but a chairman of staff club)
 Broke my selfie stick so this is the best selfie I could manage.  Moreover, it was dark and lighting was bad.
 Breaking of fast was held at the canteen, where I had spent all my breakfast and lunch for 3 years...hehe till I got fat!!!
Buffet table for the students, Sharifah came late so she is the only one getting food.

 And  I really do miss this canteen with its fab food and fab people and fat me.....
 Food was chicken rice prepared by Mak Cik Canteen...Azmy (cute guy in front) called it "legend nasi ayam"
legendary chicken rice!
One day a week was allocated to this chicken rice, I forgot which day.
other food served were an assortment of kueh mueh
And dates for breaking fast

 A group picture with En Asri, his wife and daughter, Azmy Yazid, Sharifah, Saadiah and Alia. It was time for them to go for their prayers.

 These are 3 of my best best best colleagues (form 6) they are the ones who bought the gold pendant for me as my retirement present, headed by Saadiah (behind me)
 The students stayed behind to barbecue some meat.

 With Aein, and the other young Form 6 teacher.
 yummy bbq sausages, lamb, beef and chicken!
 which they served to us
So glad I was able to share breaking fast with my beloved ex-colleagues...hope I can join them again for some other makan!

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