Friday, July 22, 2016

Farmer's Hut Retreat

Our accomodation was an airbnb discovery: Farmer Hut (actual name) without apostrophe 's'. 

The way up was winding, inconspicuous and you can miss it if you do not waze. 
It was also not landscaped and was like an original farmer's path.
It was next to the farmer's actual quarters (typical chinese stone house) and this was the partition. 
 Inside you can see the movie room with a white screen like in schools or conference room, with a selection of CDS. It was also a bedroom with three beds of different heights, on pieces of pinewood.

 This is the activity room, and the make up girl used this table for doing up Angie's face and hair.

 The downstairs bed which the two photoshoot girls took.
 This is the kitchen.
 Fashioned after what must be a farmer's kitchen

Mirror cum water bottle stand, with hair dryer against corrugated zinc sheet wall.
 Now we go check out the upstairs rooms.
 It is like a loft, with suspended thick ropes as walls and dividers.
 The sitting room which everybody likes to pose and post on instagram.
 Me, papa and Jenn took this side of the room.
 Ken and Angie took this side.

 Cutely and simply decorated.
 Ikea comforters and sheets and bed frames.

You wake up to crisp fresh  morning air.
 Err,,, there are no changing rooms, no mirrors and no walls for privacy hahaha!!! yes and no  upstairs toilet.  You have to climb down the stairs and walk past the two sleeping camera women to get to the bathroom.
 Angie with her fresh before makeup and hairdo look.
 K is exhausted and flopped on the upper bunk
 While Dad went out to take a photo of us in the sitting room which juts out from the zinc roofs.
 Many people take photo of this too, some even perch and sit on the edge of the window, of course Dad did not allow us to do that!

 He is outside among the vegetable beds.
He is actually quite far away as this small pic or rather small 'us':  will show you 
 The most photographed spot!!
 Antiquated farming tools, I swear Kong Kong has some of these too.
Sweeping vista of the farm, tea plantation, strawberry fields and vast expanse of sky and did I say cold air, yes, nippy cold air, after all this is Cameron Highlands.

 Going down I saw this multipurpose shelf near the doorway, for shoes, mosquito coils , vape mat, ash trays, candles for black out nights, and what have you.
 These owls are from Daiso!!! hahaha, 
So I leave you with these wise old owls,
 the more I see, 
the wiser I get, 
the less I speak,
 the better I write....
the more I know
the more I don't show..
Do you understand? (I myself don't......)

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