Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Free and Easy at Cameron Highlands: Tea, Mini Photoshoot, shopping and dining.

The rest of the afternoon after we settled down at Farmer Hut was free and easy and we filled it with activities which are a must-do in Cameron Highlands.
 First we went for tea at Plantation Tea House. 

Hmm yumm...Tea, sardine puff and blueberry cake.
 It was so difficult to get a table as it was full house, and all the seats overlooking the plantation are taken.
Long queue too to get our tea, but it was lovely, sipping cameronian beverage amidst cool surroundings with greenery as far as  eye could see. 

Anytime Tea House.
 After tea was mini photoshoot time....everybody else was also taking photos of the tea plantation.

 So while Dad took the lovebirds, 
 we took selfies of the free birds..hehe 
Young Love
Mellow love, hahaha!
 YTL Cameron Hotel has colourful props for them
And us!!
Next it was shopping time.
I wanted to keep these for myself, but in the end I gave them to Felicia who was ecstatic, she is such a cactus lover!
 The mandatory shopping for fruits and vegetables.
Dinner time! Steamboat of course, the long chimney and charcoal type!
 Precious Family Dinner Time
 Supplemented with dishes like salted egg yolk ferns
 tom yam soup for our steamboat

fish balls fucuk and Japanese tofu
 prawns, chicken, fish and mushrooms with vegetables
yee mee and eggs
 meat balls and romaine lettuce
 thinly sliced pork that Ken and Jenn loved

 Restoran Kwan Kee

The bill was RM136 for the 5 of us 
at RM17 each for steamboat (85), RM16 for pork, RM8 for fish balls, RM10 for meatballs, RM15 for salted egg vegetables, RM2 for soup,
and I think she forgot to tally up the RM20 for tea.(Jasmine at 4 each).

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