Thursday, July 28, 2016

Banana Leaf Lunch Before Leaving Cameron Highlands

Before we left Cameron Highlands we had Banana Leaf Rice at a mamak restaurant.

He seemed pleased and amused scrolling through his wedding shots!
the first offering on the leaf: papadum!!

The ritual of putting the whole rigmarole on the LEAF!

With chicken curry

Beryani Rice and mutton
Another rare precious family moment, glad we can gather for lunch!!!

daughter had to have thosai, her comfort food from school days. After a particularly long day at school she would ask me to stop at the mamak for thosai before heading home to nap, dinner, homework and sleep and get up to start another school day.
Walking home, I loved this corner, but since it was Monday, it was empty!

Hmmmm....I was here with the IWAKL International ladies a while back and now I am here again with my family.
Jauntily walking to our car park. a weekend well spent for our son's wedding photo shoot.
But first, must take photos with lovely blooms, we are able to pose any how we please, because there's not a soul around.....except those rich enough not to work.
Like the owner of this car.
So, we left the Highlands and descended back to the hot humid and harried city.

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