Friday, July 8, 2016

Mary Ann's Church Wedding at St Francis Assisi Church. Cheras

After her traditional wedding at the temple, Mary Anne had a church ceremony at St Francis Assisi Church in Cheras, near Kajang. 

On the steps of the church.

 This church is near my Midah house which I used to pass by every time I drove to my school in Kajang. (Sek Men Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah).  At that time there were no flyovers or tolls or so many road distraction and this church is readily visible from the road side. Now you have to drive in a small road to find it.

 Nearly 30 years ago, we brought my Filipina maid Linda and my year old daughter (she is 30 now hahaha!!) for midnight mass...and those statues outside had beautiful nativity scenes with infant Jesus in the manger and the stable animals.
 The bridegroom arrives, looking dapper in white suit.

 Ravishing bride is walked down the aisle.

 Dressed in a lovely figure hugging Grecian gown and long train.

 theme today is blue and white.
 Vows and rings are exchanged.
 Priest giving sermon and holy communion. I beleive that is the statue of St Francis of Assis, I was taught about him during Catechism class.
 err. no kiss!
 They looked so happy, walking down the aisle together!

 I have not taken holy water to put on my forehead and make the sign of the cross since my Convent days!!
 I met another student, Kalpana. 
She has a daughter who is so cute! so loveable!!!
 It was a small and intimate ceremony and now they are taking photos with relatives.
 I went up this steps to the luncheon place. 
 Food was lovely Indian treats and I loved the vadai;

 Beautiful church ceremony in a beautiful Catholic Church!

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