Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Restoran Thai Sawasdee Kitchen

As usual when Uncle S comes for AGM the extended family will gather for dinner.

 Tonight we chose Thai Sawasdee Kitchen in Sri Petaling 

The above is the building and below is the door way to the place, it is on the 1st floor
We were early, so we hung around

 Tai Koo  is engrossed reading Meditation magazines.
The interior is cosily like someone's house.
 we had 3 tables and about 30 people.   Very soon when all is gathered the food came...nearly 12 dishes per 5 people....hahaha.....way TOO MUCH FOOD!!!!!
 1.Tom Yam soup
 2. Fish to share 

 3. Mango Salad
 4. Thai green curry
 5. BBQ squids

 6. Pandan leaf wrapped chicken
 7. Sweet sour pork
 8. Kai Lan
 9. Belacan Paku Pakis
 10. Meat dish
11. Basil Chicken/meat
12. Mango rice dessert.

11 dishes and 1 dish of fish to share per 5 people!!!
Even Alyssa said Auntie ordered too much food in her instagram.

But, we had a good time mingling and catching up.
Group shot, but some had gone downstairs....

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