Monday, July 18, 2016

Driving to Cameron Highlands for wedding photoshoot

Last weekend, we drove to Cameron Highlands for wedding photoshoot, 
enroute we stopped at SPK Sunway to pick up Angie

 2 and a half storey ultra modern house
 in a very neat and nice neighbourhood

 it was the day after Raya, and the opposite way heading back to KL city
  was jammed up!
Around noon the familiar limestone outcrops greeted us and we felt it was time to stop for lunch in Ipoh.  After all, Ipoh has just made it into the Lonely Planet list as No 6 city to visit after Nagoya.(no 1)
Many shops were sold out so we ended up in Sun Seng Fatt
 the interior of the shop had a good mix of clients and we settled for a quick meal of conversation is waning....
 On the wall are the 4 and only 4 choices of noodles: prawn mee, lam mee, shredded chicken hor fan and curry mee.
And all the noodles cost RM6.90 each

 kai see hor fan
lam mee

prawn mee
 curry mee
 she liked her lam mee
 son was satisfied with his hay mee
I liked the mint leaves, but was disappointed there were no cockles in my curry mee
and all the liew for the four types of mee was the same: prawns, and char siew
drinks, but I did not like my "teh tak kacau" because the condensed milk was stirred into my tea.

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