Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ichem Visit : first corporate Tour

As the vocational director for this term my first corporate visit I organised was Ichem, given to me by James Lai
It is situated right in Puchong Industrial area so all of us went there on our own. We met there.

I was the first to reach as I am the organiser. Not since school/teaching days have I done visits like this. 

Pleasantly surprised to find a welcome banner for us. 
So I went upstairs as directed.

Yee met me,.. As you can see Ichem is a water treatment plant.
The conference room in informal mode.
Mr Lee the CEO himself will be presenting the talk.
Anthony and William who were early too wasted no time in playing ping pong.
So I walked around and saw this cupboard full of Ichem's awards.
Their vision and mission.
Breakfast was provided.
All our participants have arrived.
We all made ourselves comfortable 
Little boys love bean bags too.

William has a bad back so he sits upright 
TD Lee presented the talk on how Ichem started.

Ichem even needs to be halal too.

This is an intern .. She joined us for the presentation.

Time for our laboratory and warehouse tour

The laboratory 
The warehouse.

After our tour lunch was provided.

Exchange of gifts 

Thus ended our successful corporate tour!

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