Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Road to Penang Wedding: Breakfast with John in Penang

After the wedding, we had free time before driving back to KL.  So we called John my cousin and we shared a breakfast at his house.
Driving to his house was pleasant, and landscaped scenery made a beautiful sight.
Neat, serene and upmarket homes for yuppies in Penang.
Tasteful and grand entrance to the Residency.

Good and efficient security system, a must for troubled Malaysia today.
Beautiful and well kept homes.
Paved and safe roads but we don't see any kids playing about, sigh, Malaysia is full of news of kidnappings, burgling, parang wielding robbers that everybody just stay indoors under lock and key.

Joanne is preparing breakfast for's better than the hotel breakfast (which did not include breakfast by the way)
soft boiled eggs, noodles, pau (I brought them) sandwiches, salad...hmmm healthy and hearty!
with colourful cutlery for the kids!
fruit salad with chia seeds and lots of colour to attract the kids, I must get her recipe, it tastes great!

cheeky Jeff is always camera ready!

He said "wait, I want you to take a photo me in my Pikachu cap !"
Jeff! Kindy kid with the million dollar smile!
And shows me his collection of dough Pokemon Go figurines that he made himself in class

A Good open backyard concept....encourages all neighbours to interact and be neighborly 
most backyard doors are open because it opens to a long, landscaped back garden that you share with your neighbours (but Jess is so camera shy!)

You can easily come out and share gardening tips and exchange food with your neighbours, it is gated at all entrances and closed to traffic so it is safe and secure.
Bye John and Joanne, young couple with a set of kids and a beautiful house.  Glad my young cousin is well settled in life.
The trend in housing nowadays, all with uniform gates and facade, unlike the showy Chinese houses with elaborate gates and fencing, each trying to outdo the other with elephant figure, dragons, pineapples, even naked women lookalike pillars!
Leaving the Residency..

Ideal Bicycle Park, encourages you to hop on to your bicycle and reduce your carbon footprint!

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