Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Teo Chew Fishball in Taman Midah

Was in Taman Midah and saw my children's old tuition place: Minda Ceria ..

It's a "high end" tuition centre that picks and chooses its students and out you go if if don't perform! 
Luckily my 2 elder kids are high end students hahahaha ! 
Instead of going to our normal chap fan shop for lunch we tried out this "Teo Chew homemade Fishball" 

Nice and simple facade 

Papa chose homemade Fishball with kway teow 
I chose mee pok with spicy sauce (I added) even papa liked this .. Says got kick!
Has soup with 2 fish balls ... Which had bite and crunch! 
Comes with free drinks, barley for him and Loh han Kuo for me 
Catching pokemons while eating!
The current craze of retirees like us! 

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