Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Road to Penang wedding: Golok

Today we are continuing our epic journey to Golok, a border town between Malaysia and Thailand.
First we had promotional breakfast at the first floor cafe that is open to public via a winding
stair case by the side of Tune Hotel and it is also a Pokestop with lure!

He had mee goreng and teh o ais
I had kway teow goreng with teh o ais for only RM6.90, as our hotel is a budget one with no breakfast included.

See how happy we are? After retiring we are stress free, carefree and oops money-free? hahaha

So we checked out and reached TUMPAT, one of the main towns in Kelantan.
Town is quiet, peaceful and shows progress
in the form of more traffic, better roads and bustling life
lots of roadside bazaars

Tumpat family selling traditional medicine or jamu by roadside
high fashion
Women are women everywhere and Tumpat women are the same, they congregate to choose clothes
We are reaching Rantau Panjang and getting nearer to Golok
We are now at the Rantau Panjang customs complex and we are shocked to see a jam

such a long queue to get to the immigration!! No wonder! It was a public holiday and it was the HAJ!

We have to park a long way off to get to the complex, we will leave our car here and then  cross over to 
Golok. Clearing the Malaysian side of the customs did not take too long.

We are now at the Thai Border and we will cross Sungai Golok

Wow!!! It was so hot!!! hahaha...this is Sungai Golok. it brought back memories to him

He snapped away, 30 years ago he came here, but there will not be another 30 years later, will it?

On reaching the Golok customs, we were flabbergasted to see the long queue and makeshift tents

I guess many of the Kelantanese have relatives and homes in Golok and are rushing back for the holidays. It is the Hari Raya Haji holidays.

Finally we cleared the customs and found ourselves in Golok, I came here so many years ago, I do not recognise anything!

Certainly not this hotel called "Genting Hotel"!
Golok street, which is nothing like the Golok Street of old. 

He found this Chinese chicken rice shop, I thought that I could have a Thai lunch since we are now in Golok!

We were served this plate of spring onions, maybe we were supposed to eat it raw?

and two bowls of fantastic chillies with garlic onions garlic and other spicy stuff!!! he did not touch his!

Then he went to look for his blue and white pottery shop, the picture below was taken in 1982.

Me choosing tiny vases that were the rage so many years ago.
He could not find any!
 This was what he was looking for!
He was about to give up...
Then we spotted one! Only one!!! Among all the other pottery..hehe!

I know right? We don't really need it, we just wanted to see if it was still around, well only one is!
So we walked around Golok, but it looked different and he could not find any of his old shops.
Golok town, pic from internet.

Golok looked deserted in the daytime,
Guess all the action is at night!!!

 Pic from internet!
 Pic sourced from research!
Time to leave Golok!
Found a nice cool cafe to get some respite after walking in the heat!
chocolate and coffee fix for us!

Doi Chaang Cafe at Ko-Lok (Golok spelling in Thai?)
Bon Voyage, Golok, Thailand

We will be travelling to Grik, the last stop before hitting the East West Highway!!!! Our odyssey continues!!

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