Saturday, October 8, 2016

Road to Penang Wedding : Wedding at Last!!!

Finally, we attended the wedding in Penang, that we came all the way for!!
Kean Hee and Yee Chean (my ex colleague)

After Butterworth, we took the slow ferry over to Penang Island and checked into U Hotel!
U Hotel is very new, and is not your run-of-the-mill hotel with swanky lightings and huge centrepiece of giant vase of flowers but the decor was avant garde as in  the pic above: a hodge podge of mismatched furniture on a raised wooden platform.
Opposite the hotel there was a hair salon called Cleopatra and I walked over to have my hair done.
This strange painting outside the wall of the hotel is a Poke stop....can you make anysense out of the painting? I can't!
My hair being done...the hairdressers all spoke Hokkien of course and told me not to shower but to "kan sway" meaning dry clean myself, and I have not used that word since my childhood days!! She said they are very good at "kan sway"!!!
My hair after!....Actually I just got them to shampoo and"hot thong"  it, the Nepalese shampoo girl also gave me a head and shoulder massage (so hard I ached in muscles that I never knew I had)

I am now all dressed after my "dry Cleaning" actually I showered of course!

My outfit for the night..I wore red because my colleague says in Penang people are more conservative and do not approve of black and asked me to choose red.

My dear colleague the young bride, as young as my eldest daughter, maybe one or 2 years older!

with my colleague and her husband, (she is the one who said I had to wear red) and the bride's very young looking mother, and her father.

Doesn't her gown look grand?

The march in...she had changed to a red gown.

The two "Loo" colleague and me (with our husbands) are the ones who could make it to her wedding.

Restoran Sea Palace in Penang (John said he also had his reception here)

BYE!!!! Lovely Wedding!!

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