Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Scotts Garden Meeting and Four Seasons Dinner

This is a SOHO in Scott Garden and we had our meeting here in Lim's spanking new office. 

Nice? 24th floor
From the other end of the room 
View from 24 th floor
Old klang road with remnants of after office jam

The SOHO has a kitchen and a loft 
Downstairs office staff cubicles
After meeting we went for our dinner 
Passed by the above funny sign and this lok lok stall
Our dinner was booked at 4 Seasons in Scott Garden 

So crowded we had to wait for our table 
Lim had ordered this for us 
Other choices 
The most expensive 

Our food!!! So yummy!
See food or sea food?

Me and Anthony enjoying our food
The seafood is cooked in soup preboiled

My share 
Unfortunately Anthony is allergic to seafood.. We are just posing with my portion 
So he had chicken 
So I leave you with this fantastic pic that Alan took as a teaser to you... Eat your heart out!!
Great rotary fellowship ends with great makan! 

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