Sunday, March 26, 2017

Beefy BBQ Lunch

Today we had BBQ sizzling beef for lunch

As we sat dwon, we were given all these  side dishes and I saw this bowl of radish soup that I slurped all up as my mother taught me to drink all soups HOT!
 Immediately my empty bowl was taken away! Actually, I had wanted to eat the radish too, but she came back and gave me another bowl of radish soup!  This time I did not finish it at one go...I did not want her to bring me another as it was quite a big bowl of soup, that was.
 Just look at that slice of meat, streaky meat with livers of meat and yummy!!!

 She cooked everything for us!
 Decor of the shop as I looked around while she cooked for us.

Done!!! We were left to enjoy!  Miae did not join us today.

 The waitress came back to cut up the meat for us!

 We are to put the meat, garlic, olives, seaweed and other preserves in the lettuce and pop them in the mouth
 Like this!!!

Close up of the delish before wrapping and being devoured!!! Nice and satisfying meal!!

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