Thursday, March 16, 2017

롯데면세점 부산점Lotte Duty Free Shop - Busan Branch

After our mandatory factory outlet and shopping visit, we were taken to 

Lotte Duty Free Shop - Busan Branch

 롯데면세점 부산점
I am standing right in the middle of the street in front of Lotte Duty Free in Busan
             Address772 Gaya-daero, Bujeon 2(i)-dong, Busanjin-gu, Busan, South Korea 
 It also has a chain of hotels

 Shin Miae, our guide brought me to this store called YOUK SHIM WON, but it doesn't ring a bell to me and so I did not buy and Youk Shim Won, sorry!

 There was Chanel, by the way, but I did not have the budget to get any Chanel......
And Busan Star Avenue but I wasn't into K drama or K pop yet so I could not recognise any of the cuties..

And while the guide went to do her own spot of shopping, we exited the building and went into the streets! hehe

It was nicer and more happening outside!
 But she caught us and photobombed us!!
 So we walked around outside which had more photo friendly scenes than the inside of Lotte Duty free Shop
 Took photos till it was time for lunch, and this time we had cold noodles, an adventure in itself!!

Shin Miae taking photos of the cold noodles she ordered for us!

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