Thursday, March 16, 2017

Korea Ginseng Center and Charm and Charm Shopping

As part of  every package tour  there is sure to be a shopping slot where whatever the clients buy, the tour guide gets a cut.  Well today is our shopping day and we were taken to 2 places.

 This is the first one called Korea Ginseng Center, and they must be quite dissappointed to find the only lady shopper: ME!!! (who does not seem to be a big spender at that)
 I was given this card in the hope that I will spend at least KRW 30,000 so that I can get a Tax Refund at the airport.
 Luckily I did not need to use it, as there was to be a long queue at the airport for the refund.

 I only bought this: a box of Ginseng Tea for my chan kar or in-laws to be......hehe!
 See?. By the way it is still in my fridge, because my son forgot to give to his parents in law and I will drink it slowly, one day.

 The next place  was a cosmetic centre called Charm and Charm

 nice Korean architecture

That's me, about to spend my KRWs inside.....
 Ta da!!! I got a box of eye pads and another box of CC cream!
 Hydro Gel eye and spot patch and Face It CC Cream with SPF30  but they did not cost up to KRW30,000!
 So, that was our shopping for today, sorry, Miae Shin (our guide) I did not get a lot of commission for you, even then I just bought some stuff for the sake of buying!

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