Thursday, March 9, 2017

Seokguram Grotto in Gyeongju

 After Bulguk Temple, Miae is rushing us Seokguram Grotto to view granite Buddha 
Seokguram Grotto [UNESCO World Heritage] (경주 석굴암)

We will view this majestic Buddha carved in granite in the grotto
  "Seokguram Grotto  is a Buddhist temple which contains a large statue of the Buddha who is seated within a circular chamber beneath a stone hemispherical dome. Widely considered one of the great masterpieces of Buddhist art and architecture it is on the official list of National Treasures of South Korea and classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site."
This grotto has also been declared "World Heritage" status.

 To get to the grotto we had to walk up wooded paths again, Miae the guide is way ahead, as she does this quite often.

 We lagged behind as we stopped ever so often to take pictures because the path itself looked nice!

 It had curves and bends,

  And concrete steps of rocks

 quite a long and arduous climb, and all the way Miae told me stories of the granite Buddha, how it was nearly eroded and even bombed, and how they managed to preserve it by encasing it glass.

 at last we reached the grotto, but guess what, no photos or cameras allowed inside and you can view the Buddha way up ahead high above, enclosed in glass, but you cannot take any shots!!!

 so here are some brochures that explained the Buddha's carving and preservation process.
 After viewing the inaccessible Buddha, in the grotto, we came out and was pointed out this: below:
 ,,,, part of the stones and the roof that protected the Buddha in its lofty position.

 the temple outside the grotto (exterior view)
 we could pay for a piece of the roofing tile as a contribution or donation.
 The way up  (and down) took more time than the viewing in the grotto
 So, ya, we took some nice panoramic scenes of the steps and outside scenery (above) and below

 In between chasing and catching up with Miae the tour guide we admired the scenery on the way down and even caught some colourful leaves of late Autumn. 

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