Thursday, March 23, 2017

Crown Hotel Busan and Beef soup dinner

Leaving Nampodong street and Piff Square, our guide will now bring us to our Hotel: Crown Busan
Endless rows of side walk and backlane food at Nampodong Street ....we would not mind eating here if we were on our own.
 Leaving PIFF Zone and  we are not visiting Jagalchi Market tonight. 
 We took note of Nampo Dong Street Airport Limousine Bus Stand which we will have to take on the last day of our Busan trip toget to the airport to fly back to KL.

 This is Crown Hotel, our accomodation for tonight.

 Our guide did all the work for us. She is looking for a cheaper place for herself but eveything is fully booked because there is a fireworks extravaganza taking place tonight, under the bridge, yes, the bridge that you always see in Korean dramas.
 Then she took us to the restaurant that we will have our dinner for tonight, it will be upstairs overlooking the balcony.  Alas, the owner said she would be going for the fireworks display and is closing for the night!
 See how nice? The view from the window! We would be sitting on low tables and have a view while we dined!
 So we walked around the locality while she searched for a dinner place.  We saw this funny cafe called Unknown Cafe serving Unknown Burger and Unknown Coffee!
 Finally she decided on this place...look at the signboard behind it......private services offered upstairs!
We can't read but we can see the suggestive pose of the bosomy girl..

 Anyway this is the dinner place...good? 

 Name of the place of the Diner with the special girly place beside it, before dinner or after dinner? hehe I mean if you need the service, I suggest before dinner!
 Back to our hotel: Crown....bathroom facilities
 I love this roomy cupboards, great for my many free cosmetic samples that I get from attending product launches and beauty workshops,
I don't know why they provide so much shelves, the shelves for towels should suffice
 He looked everywhere for the hair dryer not knowing it was in a bag like this!

 comfortable beds for the two of us, no fighting or snoring in each other's ears.

 errr, I still can't get enough of the bathroom shelves.

 even has table top stoves for your cooking needs
 plus a saucepan and korean ramen soup bowls and box of chopsticks and metal spoons.
 Out for a stroll to our dinner
 hotel Crown by night...must remember the way back
 infamous Korean side dishes that are refilled as soon as you finish any
 our dinner is this bowl of hot peppery soup with beef and other innards inside
 Nice dinner!
 Look at the pieces of beef inside?????? To be eaten with rice and the side dishes.
 hot steaming soup!!! perfect for a cold night!

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